My Thrifting Week: 1/4/2013

I am a thrift store junkie, so I thought it might be fun to share my finds with you guys once a week. Here’s the first thrifting week of 2013!

1313 Collage

I went out shopping yesterday, with a friend, but I had a toothache, so called it a short day. I still came away with some amazing things. I got a few things for my shop. These are the things I’m keeping for myself.


I thought at first I’d sell this little jewelry box, but as I was cleaning it, I realized that I really, really love it. I mean, who wouldn’t love a unicorn box? You can’t really tell in the photo, but the bottom of the inside of the box is mirror, so the unicorn is reflected. Some little girl wrote on the bottom of the box that she received it as a gift on July 1, 1983. I would have been 11 years old in July 1983, and this jewelry box would have made the little girl me so, so happy. That decided it for me. This box is mine!


I got so excited when I found these 1960s Hallmark paper products. There’s a little stack of paper plates in fun patterns (four of the Raggedy Ann, two of the yellow flower, and five of the Snoopy) and several folded flats of wrapping paper. And it only cost me a quarter for all of it.


I love this cute, pink, kitten stationary. I’m going to have to find me a pen pal!


This is a tiny little pillow–just six inches square, with an embroidered snail. It only cost a dime. A dime! How could I leave it behind, seriously?


I found these two, like-new vintage hankies and decided: I’m bringing the hankie back, yo. I’ll be keeping my eye open for more.


I found these two t-shirts at Savers for $4 a piece. They’re both super soft, thin cotton. I love the colors and the embellishment. And that they fit me perfectly. They’ll be great under cardigans.


I planned on selling this. I swear I did. But I got shadows in the pictures. And then, when I was contemplating retaking the pictures, I realized I didn’t want to sell it. I love this 1970s granny square tote bag so much. It has different color combos on the other side.


I actually listed this in my store. And after a few days realized that I have so many travel plans for the summer–I can really use it. So, down it came. I love the color.


Again, I meant to sell these. Someone hand drew them for a friend’s birthday (the one with the yellow flowers says “Happy Birthday, Mona” on the left side 2/3 of the way down. I loved the yellow wooden frames, too. They ended up in my bathroom, where they make me smile several times a day.


This killer, flame red Le Creuset tea kettle is one of the best thrift finds I’ve ever come across. I got it for $4! It’s in nearly perfect condition (there is a little chip in the enamel on the outside, under the spout. My husband was all–another tea kettle? And I was all–this is the last one I’ll ever need. Ever. Gorgeous!


I love, love this coat. It’s from Lane Bryant, it fits me like a glove, and it’s super soft and comfy. Plus, it looks great on me. I’ll have to have Kevin take a picture of me wearing it soon.


I have a little collection of Vera Bradley. I don’t find it very often, so when I come across a piece I get all excited. I love this wallet. It’s not vintage (the pattern is called Mediterranean Blue and is from 2008), but it’s so adorable. I can’t wait to use it.


I love this old heating pad. It works like a charm, and it has the prettiest yellow-roses, super soft flannel cover. Yellow roses were my momma’s signature flower, so I know when I use it, it’ll feel like she’s there taking care of me.


3 thoughts on “My Thrifting Week: 1/4/2013

    • I got really lucky last week, for sure! I really thought I’d sell the unicorn box, but every time I see it, I get so happy. No way it’s leaving me 🙂

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