Putting it Together (1)

I was looking at Mod Cloth tonight–an activity that usually leaves me frustrated, because while everything there (seriously) is adorable, almost nothing will fit me. Then I came across their style guide, and was all–oh, wow! So much style. On so many types of bodies. And then Mod Cloth puts together a similar outfit from their own shop. And I thought, hey I could do that. Find an outfit I like, then cobble together one in a size that will work for me.

Giving that a whirl. Here’s the inspiration photo:


I love the neutrals mixed with bright colors. The whimsical print. The denim. I don’t wear heels like that, so I’ll see what I can do with flats.

feather Collage

I love the way it all looks together! Here are the parts and pieces.


I couldn’t find a bird dress in a plus size that I really liked. Wrong season, maybe? I did find this really pretty feather dress from Eshakti, though, and I think it does the same thing. It has a vintage cut, a neutral gray feather print against the brighter robin’s egg blue. Very, very sweet. It’s available in a multitude of sizes, from extra small through 5X (30/32). Click through to see the print up close. It’s beautiful. It costs $59.95, and if you sign up for Eshakti emails, you get a $25 gift certificate, so this could come for as little as $34.95.


This is a simple jean jacket from Old Navy. It doesn’t have any embellishment, which I like better. I also like the fitted cut. Also, the longer cut, which I think I would wear more often. It comes in sizes 1X to 4X, and costs $38 (marked down a whopping $1.94 form $39.94!)


These are nylon/lycra tights in Fuchsia from We Love Color. Good quality, so for $15.00 they should give good wear.


I love, love, love these double penny loafers from Payless. They look great with this outfit, and would great with just about anything, really. And they’re on sale for $16.99, down from $24.99.

yellow belt

ASOS Curve has this pretty yellow belt for just $10.55, in sizes 16/18 and 20/22.

There you have it. My version of that pretty outfit, if I were to go out and buy everything new. It would come to right around $115.00. I’d have a belt, tights, shoes, and a jacket that I could work into unlimited outfits, and the dress could go at least one or two other ways as well. Since I don’t have $115 to blow, here’s how I’d do it on the cheap-cheap.I’d skip the jean jacket, and keep my eye out for one at a thrift store. I’m fairly certain I could thrift a jean jacket in my size for about $10 rather quickly. A cardigan would work in the mean time. I’d skip the belt and wear one I already have. If I didn’t have one, I’d just skip it all together and let the tights be the color. The tights make the outfit. As much as I love the shoes (and I swear, I will eventually own them!) I’d wait for a BOGO sale at Payless and wear my black or maybe my gold flats in the meantime. So, I could put together a close proximity for the cost of the dress ($35) and the tights ($15), or about $50.

On My Shopping List:

Penny loafers, bright tights, and a denim jacket. Those Payless loafers will be mine! I’m just waiting for a good sale. I’ll start hitting the thrift stores for a jacket.

I also really want that eShakti dress. I’m not putting it on the shopping list, because I already have a neutral/bright dress that will work for an outfit like this. But maybe my birthday list?


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