My Thrifting Week: 1/11/2013


I was knocked-on-my-butt sick most of the week, but I did manage to go out with my daughter Adrienne and found a few things.


I got so excited when I found this Polaroid “The Button” camera. It’s in just about perfect condition and it was half off, so it only cost $1.47! Now–I just need film.


Love the mid-century kid’s books. The pictures inside are incredible. The one on the right is called Little Mouse on the Prairie and is a Weekly Reader book from the 70s. The other two are older. I really love the tree house book the most.

DSC_1043I’ve been finding lots of vintage ephemera lately. These two long pads of paper made me smile on multiple fronts. For one thing, they have old Pic n Sav price tags: 29 cents! Big Lots used to be Pic n Sav, when I was a kid. It took me forever to stop calling it that. These are marked 1973. The graphics are crazy cool.

DSC_1045I found some more Hallmark 1960s wrapping paper. The bottom one is in the package still and marked 59 cents! I love the little scrap on top though. Especially the donkey in the upper right corner.


This pack of postcards from the Kennedy Space Center captured my imagination and made it into my stash of ephemera. They aren’t old, but they’re very cool. Some of the pictures are incredible.


This is one of my favorite finds this week, because I really did actually find it. It was stuck inside a book that I bought, as a bookmark! It’s a postcard with a picture of a man admiring a dazzling array of candles at “Eve’s Candles” in the “beautiful Pocono Mountains.” The message on the back says that Louise, Horace, and the kids are having a wonderful time, that the mountains are, in deed, beautiful, and that they’d see Willie and Lindie soon. It’s postmarked July 17, 1967 and has a cool 4 cent Abraham Lincoln stamp on it.


This is just a little stack of Hallmark froggie notecards–the kind where you write on them, then fold them up and they become their own envelope. I had a ton of these when I was a kid in the 70s. Not this pattern, but the cards. I used to write to my grandma on them!

DSC_1053There are only two of these Holly Hobby-esque Christmas cards. They are so cute. Like cute overload. Look at that kitten! On the inside they say: However you spend it, whatever you do, have a Christmas that’s perfectly suited to you. For some reason that almost feels like a Zen Christmas message. Holly Hobby Zen.

DSC_1055This might end up in my shop. I can’t decide. Because it’s so super cute. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. It’s a 1950s lipstick-red leather wallet. It still has the little fake checkbook inside and a card from Merle Norman with information about caring for leather. To me, this wallet could have belonged to Marilyn Monroe. It’s so glam.

DSC_1059I passed up this yellow and white crocheted throw last week. I just already had so much stuff. But when I saw it was still there this week, and it’s tag color was marked half off, I had to have it. It’s a pretty set of yellows with white. Very soft. Lovely. And it cost $1.50.


Here’s my favorite find this week! A dozen Junior Deluxe Edition books. These make me so happy! I decided months ago that I want to start collecting them–and then never saw another one. Until this week, when I found them in two different stores. I got Heidi, Lassie Come Home, Big Red, Little Women, Little Men, Shakespere, and a bunch of others. I’m planning a post about these books to come very soon.

DSC_1082This is the cutest writing paper. Each page has a pencil drawing of an “animal of Kenya.” I love the Rhino the most. I’m dating this paper to the 70s.

DSC_1084This chippy orange salt shaker and pepper grinder set is great on several fronts. The pair only cost $1.97. They match my new tea kettle perfectly.  And–hello, orange. They make me smile.

DSC_1085This purse may end up in my Etsy store. Eventually. It’s so pretty though, I’m not ready to let it go. I love the woven body, and the pointy metal things attaching the handles. Also? The inside is lined in chocolate velvet.

DSC_1086I picked up this denim skirt from Lane Bryant, even though it is a size too big. It was half off, so only $3, and I love the shape (flared at the ends) and the length (just above the knee.) I didn’t have time to try it on, so it might be going back. I don’t know about anyone else, but I struggle with sizing at LB. For whatever reason, my size is often a tiny bit too tight in the waist and the next size up is way too big in the hips/butt/thighs. I’m hoping that being a skirt, this one will work even if it’s loose. We shall see!


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