OOTD: Instagram Date Night Edition

Kevin and I went out last night to dinner and a movie. It was very nice, but also coooold. In Reno, a few warm days followed by a sudden cold snap = ICE. So, I wore my big clunky boots instead of the cute flats I had picked out.

Here’s what I wore:

011113-1cardigan: thrifted, 2X, $6
tank: thrifted Lane Bryant, 22/24, $5
skirt, thrifted Lane Bryant, 28, $3
tights: We Love Color, 4x, $3
boots: thrifted Uggs, men’s 10, $10
necklace: thrifted vintage, $2
Total, including shoes and necklace, $29

The picture isn’t great quality, but it cracks me up! Jack the Giant clearly likes my winter brights. And for some reason it looks like I’m glowing.

The tights are the bright tights I bought after making my last Putting it Together post. I have to say, it was hard for me to spend $9 plus shipping on them. In retrospect, though, I should have bit the bullet and bought the $14 tights instead. These fit me weird. they were too loose at the ankle and foot and strangely non-stretchy around the upper thigh. The We Love Color website did warn me that the pricier tights would fit better. If I’d worn flats, the bagginess at the ankle would have been very obvious.

The skirt I’m wearing is the one I got thrifting this week. It’s a size too big. The fabric is really stretchy though, so it wasn’t so bad. I just didn’t stretch it out much. As a result though, it was a little too long on me. I wish it was two or three inches shorter. It was half off at Savers though, so it only cost $3. I can make it work. Lane Bryant is weird for me for bottoms, since I had Ruby. I used to wear a LB size 24 and it fit perfectly. Now a size 26 is too lose everywhere but the waist, which is too tight, and size 28 normally is way too big.



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