Putting it Together (2)

Putting it Together is a weekly feature. Every Monday, I’ll find an straight-sized outfit, analyze why it works for me, then put it together in a plus size with some ideas about making it affordable. The “My Shopping List” page has a list of items that I’m hunting for and links to every PiT post.

Have a outfit in mind you’d like me to put together? Email it to me at circoluma@gmail.com.

* * *

Last week, I picked up this t-shirt from ASOS Curve.


The little ghosts look like pieces of toast with arms to me, and I love the little screaming guy. Sweet. Adorable. And on clearance with free shipping. I went onto ASOS, looking for a ideas for styling my new piece from them. Here’s what I found in their outfits and looks section that caught my eye:


What I love: The casual feel. The mixed neutrals (black and brown.) The unexpected t-shirt, and the mixed print between the t-shirt and the scarf.

Here’s what I came up with, in sizes that would work for a girl my size.

ghost Collage

I went with a gray skirt, because I thought the black was too matchy with the black outlines on the t-shirt. And I went with yellow, because I thought it was nicer with the gray.

14230865_120920163000The skirt is from Target. It’s just a simple jersey maxi. It’s available in sizes 1-4, and is half off at just $17.48 right now.

cn5842101The sweater was the hardest part for me to find, believe it or not. This one is from the regular side of Old Navy. It comes in sizes up to XXL. I own several cardigans from Old Navy in an XXL, so I’m confident that someone who wears up to my size (24/26) could wear this one. I wanted a cardigan that wasn’t too long and wasn’t oversized. I like the fitted sleeves. I think they serve this outfit. This sweater is $24.94 right now. This color is Lemonbar.

image1xxlWe already talked about my shirt. It’s on clearance at ASOS right now for $16.71, with free shipping. It comes in sizes up to their 22, which fits like a size 24 or so.

20976671-02I saw this scarf on the Forever 21 website, and thought it was perfect. I love the contrast with the t-shirt, and how it ties in the colors of the sweater, skirt, as well as the boots and purse. Lovely. $10.80.


I’m going to have to branch out from Payless one of the days. The problem is, I wear a size 12 shoe and most stores stop at 11. I hate to add a shoe to one of these posts that I can’t even wear. Research must be had! These boots are perfect with this outfit. Plus, they’re on clearance for $39.99, marked down from $59.99.


I love this little leather backpack. It’s vintage. I saw it at Etsy. I also see something similar almost every time I go into a thrift store. I think this outfit has a vintage-y vibe, and I like the idea of adding a vintage bag to it. This one costs $20, but I promise with very little effort you’ll be able to find a brown leather tote or backpack that will fit the bill for half that.

If I bought all these pieces,  I could have this outfit, including bag and shoes, for $82.49.

The pieces that I believe anyone could find at a thrift store with a little effort are the bag and the scarf. Thrift stores are literally chock full of these things. I wouldn’t spend more than $10 for the bag and $10 for the scarf, second hand. You probably already have some boots and some kind of a neutral-colored sweater in your closet. I think a moccasin or loafer would work just as well. Even a pair of low-top Converse would be cute. The t-shirt and skirt together are less than $35.  I bet adding them to your closet would open up all kinds of outfits for you.


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