Putting it Together (3)

Putting it Together is a weekly feature. Every Monday, I’ll find an straight-sized outfit, analyze why it works for me, then put it together in a plus size with some ideas about making it affordable. The “My Shopping List” page has a list of items that I’m hunting for and links to every PiT post.

Have a outfit in mind you’d like me to put together? Email it to me at circoluma@gmail.com.

* * *

I was immediately drawn to the colors of this outfit when I saw it on Mod Cloth’s style page:

img_462w_a6646210d234What I especially love: the gold flats with yellow tights, and the romantic dress styled bright instead of soft.

Bright Collage

The one thing I’d change about the first photo is the pink. I think green/yellow/orange is amazing. Adding pink is too much for me. So, I replaced the pink belt with orange. I love the way this would go from orange on top to yellow on the bottom, over the green. So pretty!

The dress is from ASOS. It actually came in a mint color, but it’s not available any more. The jade is just as pretty, and it’s on sale for $27.26. The belt is also ASOS and costs $10.55.

The shoes are from Payless for $16.99. They come in sizes up to 13 and in wide width. I actually own these, and love them to pieces. We Love Colors sells bright yellow tights for $15. They have some for $9, too, but the fit was weird for me.

I found the necklace at Etsy. I love it because it only costs $15 and it’s 25-inches long, so it would fit my neck. The purse is the same one the model is holding, from Francesca, only in yellow instead of pink. It’s on clearance for $24.98 and Francesca is having a BOGO sale where a second sale item would be free. Their clothes are straight sized, but they have some pretty cute purses in their clearance section.

So, this whole outfit could be had for $109.76.

The one thing that you could probably save money on is the purse. I see bright yellow purses at thrift stores every week for about $5. I also find big, bold statement-style beaded necklaces for just a couple of dollars pretty often as well. The dress is already marked down to a good price, and ASOS doesn’t even charge for shipping!

If you’re trying to put this together with items you already own, start with a bright, solid-colored dress, then pick two other, contrasting colors. I like how the dress in the first picture is pastel and the accent colors are almost neon. I think you could even go more classic with the dress and do, say, navy with bright green and yellow, or cream with pink and orange.



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