My Thrifting Week: 1/25/2013

School started this week, so my days have suddenly become much busier.

I still managed to make it out thrifting with a friend to take advantage of sales for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. Thrifting for peace, right? Why not. Thifting keeps things out of the landfill and gives them a new life, and usually contributes to good causes.

Here’s what I found this week:

PicMonkey Collage

DSC_0063I love this little crystal pendent. It only cost a dollar!

DSC_0062Pretty little vintage pendant. It reminded me of my Nana.



DSC_0060Just a light, almost-sheer white top.

DSC_0059My favorite find this week! A killer pair of almost-new quad skates in the next size up for Ruby. Which is perfect, because her current skates still fit. They cost $40, though, and these? These cost $4!

DSC_0058Two books that I couldn’t resist, even though my TBR pile is alarmingly big. Tattoo Girl is a thriller about a girl adopted by a circus fat lady. I’ll be very interested to see how that is handled. Report to come. I love Philip K. Dick!

DSC_0057Cool coloring book full of intricate kitty pictures. It’s about 1/4 of the way used already, but since it only cost a dollar, that’s okay.

DSC_0056A pretty butterfly notebook. Because I don’t have enough notebooks. Just ask my husband.

DSC_0055Adorable 1950s sewing book.

DSC_0054Two sets of vintage pillow cases, new in the package!

DSC_0053Super soft, pretty blue sweater.

DSC_0052A whole pile of vintage sewing notions, mostly buttons! The case actually came filled with the beads below, but there were so many that they spilled all over every time Ruby opened it. So, my new button suitcase. Sweet.

DSC_0050Some scraps of pretty paper. Because I can’t help myself.

DSC_0049I love this! I actually have a “squeeze from the bottom” toothpaste picture that is in a very similar style. Adore.

DSC_0048I couldn’t resist these napkins. They say, “She hadn’t decided whether to use her power for good or evil.”

DSC_0047And those beads. I mean, seriously, all the beads. So far Ruby’s favorite thing to do with them is to just dig her hands in and smoosh them around because it feels good.



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