Sunday Love (4)

247782 247781We’re moving! Right now we live in a 900-square foot apartment. By “we” I mean Kevin and I, plus Ruby and Nick, who is 19. The kitchen is so small, you can’t open the oven all the way! The very best part about our new house is the huge wrap around back porch. February 15th can’t get here soon enough!

376842230348003199_269489236I found this set of patio furniture at a thrift store this week. It’s a couch, a love seat, two big tables, two or three small tables, and about eight chairs. If it’s still there tomorrow morning, it’s total mine. It’ll be 60 percent off!

CL0026187VLove this dress from eShakti. It’s on sale right now, 30 percent off! Plus, if you’re a new customer they’ll email you a $25 off coupon.

CL0025223_OSPI used by $25 eShakti coupon to get this dress. It was in their outlet for $25, so it only cost me $10!

airbnbAdrienne and I are going to New York in May for Book Expo America. We spent a couple of hours last night looking at, where you can rent a room or an apartment from private landlords for really reasonable prices. Some of them looked amazing, for less than half the cost of a conference hotel.

game-of-thronesI’ve been watching the first two seasons of Game of Thrones again this week. Is anyone else stoked that it’s coming back in March?

tumblr_m1bacqWFcD1r2784vo1_500And . . . last but not least: This Tumblr posts scans of old Sassy magazines. Sassy was so important to me when I was a teenager. It’s a sad, sad shame that it isn’t around any more. I think I might have to start keeping an eye out for old issues to start collecting. I especially loved the “Making It” feature. It taught you how to upcycle your clothes.


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