OOTD: Foriegn Film

I had a fun movie date with my friend Brian. We saw the French film, Bone and Rust. It was really, really good. I had to abandon our usual front-of-the-theater seats though and move way up to the nose bleeds. Shaky cam makes me pukey if I’m too close. (And even then, sometimes.)

Here’s what I wore:


Red top: FatshionXchange, Old Navy, 4X
Tank: Target, 4
Skirt: Thrifted Old Navy tube dress pulled down into a skirt, XXL
Leggings: Thrifted Old Navy, XXL
Shoes (not shown), black ballet flats from Payless, 12

I’ve had the skirt forever. I just got the top in the mail. It took so long to come, I almost forgot I’d bought it! But, the color matches the skirt perfectly. Maybe because they’re both Old Navy? The dress fits me as a tube dress, but is so short when it’s pull up over my boobs that it barely covers my butt.

This outfit is a great opportunity to point out that you should always go by fit, not the size printed on the tag. The skirt and leggings are both in a size that is usually too small, but fit perfectly (except for the too-short dress thing.) I always look at the size down and the size up, if I have time when I’m out shopping. You never know!


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