My Thrifting Week: 2/1/2013

DSC_0065Cutest. Lamp. Ever.

DSC_0066Penguin is my publisher. How could I pass this little tote bag up? It was only $1!

DSC_0067I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s a Fire King casserole in a little holder. A candle goes in that little cup at the bottom to keep the food warm. Love it!

DSC_0068Two great pieces of Pyrex. The red one is a medium-sized bowl and the blue one is a small casserole.

DSC_0069DSC_0070I found this book tucked away on a shelf. I love that the inscription was written in 1903.  The book was published in 1902. In the back are several ads for other books by the publisher. They cost $1.50 each–in 1902 dollars!

DSC_0071Secret awesomeness of that book, though? These 1960s photographs that were tucked in the pages. The color one is a marching drum line dressed like Native Americans and the black and white one is an Asian mother and daughter sitting on a covered wagon (minus the cover.)

DSC_0073Two cute little hair pins. DSC_0064This is one of my favorite finds this week. A semi-creepy, paint-by-number ballerina. I can’t wait to hang her in my new house!

DSC_0118Two adorable little Franciscan planters.

DSC_0119Love this belt–and it actually fits me. I never find belts in my size!

DSC_0121Terrible picture of an adorable locket. It has a picture of a little girl with a pixie haircut contemplating a flower.

DSC_0122Book full of instructions for little crochet monsters.

DSC_0123DSC_0124This little wooden box full of pastels charmed me. And it only cost $2!

DSC_0125Kevin found this wooden magazine rack. I love how big and sturdy it is.

DSC_0126Another little planter. Daisies!

DSC_0128My number one favorite find–maybe of the whole year (and it’s only February!) I’ve been searching and searching for a thrifted record player for years. I really want a suitcase record player, but I never see them, and when I look on line they’re so expensive. This small stereo (it has a double tape deck, a radio, and a three-disc changer, plus the record player on top) was only $20, including the speakers that aren’t shown in the picture. YAY!

DSC_0127So, then I spent several hours searching through dusty stacks of albums. So much fun. My favorite find was the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar. I also found several books-on-record for Ruby. And this basket that holds them all perfectly.


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