My Thrifting Week: 2/8/2013 (Quick and Dirty Moving Edition)

PicMonkey Collage

We’re moving on Monday! I can’t wait to show you guys our new house. Meanwhile, things are a mess around here, so my pictures are kind of wonky. Here’s what I found out thrifting this week:


Adorable little 1960s kid’s shell identification toy. Came with a few shells and some shell identification cards. Ruby and her friends already love this.


Love this little piece of needlework. It’s signed on the back with the year 1972.

DSC_0131Sweet blank sketch book. The pattern is called “A Walk in Paris.”

DSC_0132A little collection of cookbooks: Fondue From Around the World, The Complete Mexican Cookbook, In Defense of British Food, and The Make-a-Mix Cookbook.

DSC_0133DSC_0134I found this book way in the back of a bookshelf in a tiny thrift store I almost never go to. It’s the Lady’s Home Journal Book of Interior Decoration from 1954. The cover is kind of icky, but it’s FULL of amazing oversized mid-century rooms. Love.

DSC_0139Two adorable little woodland-creature paintings. They were five dollars for both of them.

DSC_0140Cute little mid-century modern white planter. I think I’m going to put my pens and pencils in it on my desk.

DSC_0141I picked this up every time I was in Savers for weeks, and then finally bought it when it was half off this week. It’s a spice jar/recipe box combo. I love that it even has the little stickers still.

DSC_0142It took me a month, but I finally found my jean jacket!

DSC_0143Abba! For 99 cents!

DSC_0145I loved these yellow bottles. They’re so sunny. And they were only a dollar each.

DSC_0146Mustard and butter yellow afghan.

DSC_0147Pretty china serving platter, serving bowl, and gravy boat. I’ve been using my hutch as a pantry for a year, and I can’t wait to have an actual pantry so I can display my pretties!

DSC_0148I love this little spidery magazine rack. It’s the perfect size to fit a few records next to my record player.

DSC_0149This is my favorite find this week. A pretty bamboo bird cage. I can’t wait to find out where it winds up in my new house!


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