100 Things About Me: 11-20

Seems like every blogger has some variation of the “100 things about me” list. The idea of sitting here and coming up with 100 things about me all at once is daunting. Plus, 100 things all at the same time doesn’t really leave room for reflection.

So, I’m breaking it down. Ten things at a time, when the mood hits.

* * *

11. I love to watch TV

I know, I know, it’s trendy to turn the TV off. To get rid of it. Maybe turn it into a giant terrarium or aquarium or something. But I really like TV. I never watch it during the day. I’m too busy working or writing or studying. But at night? I love my shows. I think DVR is the best invention since sliced bread. Maybe even better than that, because how hard is it to slice bread, really?

12. I’m addicted to stories

This is a direct offshoot of number eleven, right? I love stories. I have for as long as I can remember. Even longer. Books, movies, television, campfire stories, whatever. A good story makes me happy.

13. I used to live in the Armpit of America.

I took a job (okay, I begged until they gave it to me. Not my finest hour) as a newspaper reporter in a little town in Northern Nevada that was later named by the Washington Post as the “Armpit of America.” I’m serious.

14. I once covered a murder trial . . .

in the Armpit of America. It involved two fifteen-year-old boys who killed the parents and younger sister of one of them. It was strange and it affected me deeply.

15. I was bullied in elementary school

I’ve never known exactly why, but it was bad. I cried every day. I used to day dream about becoming a movie star and winning an Oscar so that I could have a platform for calling my bullies out.

16. My first college major was theater

I got pregnant halfway through my first semester, and by the time I got back to school I didn’t care so much about winning an Oscar or calling out my bullies by name on national television.

17. I was baptized Mormon in my 20s

My ex-husband was interested. I thought it might save our marriage. A few months later he left me for another woman.

18. I consider myself an agnostic Unitarian

I never did identify as a Mormon.

19. People reading my writing gives me serious anxiety

I have a story being workshopped next week. People are reading it. Maybe right this minute. It makes me want to puke. I worry sometimes that a writer isn’t supposed to hate being read, but then I figure it’s something like a singer or actor with stage freight. It happens, and I love writing too much to let a little anxiety stop me.

20. I want to live on a mini-farm

I spend a lot of time reading and imagining my little acre, with goats and chickens and a big garden. And daydreaming about having the money to buy it and the time to operate it. My husband says, “I’m not Charles Ingalls”, but I remind him how cute he’d look in overalls. And that he owns Little House on the Prairie on DVD.




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