How To Be a Fat Bitch: Week Two

Rachele at The Nearsighted Owl is hosting a year-long eCourse called How to Be a Fat Bitch. She posts a short vlog, an assignment, and some discussion questions. I’ll be posting here on Wednesdays about the assignment and questions. Come join in the fun!

* * *

Week Two Assignment:

Reclaim the word fat and do something amazing with it. Make art, take photos of yourself with fat written on you, bake a cake with fat written in frosting, etc.

fat Collage

Week Two Discussion:

What do you love most about the word fat? How has the word fat evolved for you?

What do I love most about the word fat? I love that I can take the negative power from the word, and make it my own personal power. That makes me feel like a superhero. I love that it’s a cute, chubby little word. I love how on Food Network, the chefs are always talking about how fat makes everything taste better. I love that the word ‘fat’ is a gauge for how far along I’ve come toward radical self-acceptance.

Fat doesn’t make me panic any more.

Fat is a neutral descriptor (most of the time.)

Fat makes me look like my mom. My mom was beautiful.

Fat is a war wound from a failed thirty-year struggle to be not fat.

Fat is phat.



2 thoughts on “How To Be a Fat Bitch: Week Two

  1. Your photo & written responses made me swell up with Fatty Pride! The written was way more articulate than my internal “Because it rhymes with CAT!” answer was!

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