Sunday Love (8)

Super simple, adorable, and cheap. I’m going to have to add little bitty animals to my shopping list!

How to Create a Record Wall

Very cute. I’m not sure where I’d do it, but I love the idea. The colorful labels are key. Either that, or sometimes I see a collection of records with similar labels, and that might be cute, too.

Probably not the most authentic Spanish rice in the world, but I think the flavors at least aren’t far off. Plus it’s easy, and my family LOVES it.

 Osmia avoseta

I love when TV leads to learning something new. Elementary had a bee on it’s episode this week. A bee that makes beautiful flower nests. Interesting, right? And lovely.

I think I want to make this. Looks cozy

I’m about 2/3 of the way done making this. Now it’s packed away somewhere. Incentive to unpack!

DSC_0186Last, but not least, the view from my new writing desk at sunset. I love watching my neighbors lights pop on. It’s like living in a Christmas card with the snow on the mountain and everything.


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