Putting it Together (7)

Putting it Together is a weekly feature. Every Monday, I’ll find an straight-sized outfit, analyze why it works for me, then put it together in plus sizes with some ideas about making it affordable. The “My Shopping List” page has a list of items that I’m hunting for and links to every PiT post.

Have a outfit in mind you’d like me to put together? Email it to me at circoluma@gmail.com.

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I found this week’s inspiration picture at Shamepuff.com.

sofrawnchI like the simplicity of this outfit. The original post calls it “so European” and I agree, and love it! I think the aqua scarf makes it. I also love that this is a good winter-into-spring outfit. You could easily add tights to make it warmer, or a striped short-sleeve shirt and switch the scarf for a necklace to make it cooler.

Here’s how I put it together for fat girls:

PicMonkey CollageI added some texture, just because I roll that way. I also used a long-sleeve jersey top instead of a sweater.

image1xlThe top is from ASOS. I love the chevrons at the sides, especially. And the peplum. Who doesn’t love a peplum? This top is $37.30.

14227430_120927043000The skirt is from Target. It has a lace overlay, which I adore. It costs $22.99.

1257559_AquaThe scarf is from Kohls. So pretty. It costs $14.99.

517392_hiLove these black crocheted ballet flats from Torrid. They cost $28.50, and come in sizes up to 13.

Total, this outfit would cost you $103.78. Not too bad, considering each piece is pretty basic and could be worn in a thousand ways. In fact, I already have a black skirt and black flats, and I bet you do, too. So, remixing what you already have could save you more than half right up front.

As I’ve said before, scarves are a thrift shop standard. You might even find something vintage, or otherwise super cool, and it would probably cost you no more than about $5.

Watch ASOS for sales. That top is seriously cute.


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