My Thrifting Week: 3/1/2013

PicMonkey Collage

I had a great time at the thrift stores this week. Here’s what I found:

DSC_0182I’ve had my eye out for some cups or mugs to use for the project I Sunday Loved a few weeks back. We can get some pretty strong winds up here in the mountains, and I plan to hang my cups from my balcony railing, where they could get knocked around in the gusts, so I didn’t want glass. I saw these pretty blue, speckled tin mugs and snapped them right up. Perfect!

DSC_0181These little cuties might be my favorite find of the week. I’m starting to get a little collection of mid-century salt and pepper shakers going, without really trying. Seriously, who could pass these up?

DSC_0183DSC_0180Three notebooks. I love the travel one the most. And the little one on the right had a few pages of someone’s very detailed plans for a wedding blog. Usually the thrift store rips out used pages in old notebooks. That makes me kind of sad, so finding them in tact is always like a special bonus treat.

DSC_0178I might have to get my science-fiction on over spring break.

DSC_0174I am in love with these Temperware plates. I found four dinner plates and four salad plates. The patter is called Fire Flower, and it’s much more orange than shows up in the pictures.

DSC_0177A set of pretty little ramekins. I love the brown flower pattern.

DSC_0172I’ve had my eye out for a dino to use to make the bookend I Sunday Loved a while back. I love him especially because he reminds me of the mascot for the book blog I write with my friend Brian.

DSC_0189This kind of garden 3-D needle work is so 70s and reminds me so much of my mom, who used to do it herself. She hated French knots! I found this lovely piece at Salvation Army for $3. So much work went into it, it makes me happy to give it a good home.

DSC_0190I hemmed and hawed and hemmed some more over this Franciscan platter and covered dish in the Winsome pattern. I love Franciscan ware, but I wasn’t sure about this pattern. I went ahead, figuring I could sell if I got it home and didn’t like it. It’s a little more refined and lady-like than my normal style, but the lines are great.

DSC_0191Last week I found a tiny little butterfly needlepoint kit, and this week I found an orange poppy flower in the same line. Yay!DSC_0210I found some great albums this week. Best part, they were at the Goodwill bins, so they only cost $1 each. I found two Beatles albums, Abbey Road and 1967-1970, two George Carlin albums for Kevin, The West Side Story soundtrack, The Rolling Stones, A 1984 compilation album, The Graduate soundtrack, and the soundtrack to More American Graffiti.

DSC_0211This might be my favorite find this week. I am constantly on the look out for a non-toy globe, and I’ve never seen one that wasn’t super expensive. This one cost $4! And it’s gorgeous.

DSC_0212I’ve never seen Oventex pans before, but I found these three small bread pans this week. They’re so beautiful. Who knew a bread pan could be so lovely? I don’t think I can get them clean enough to be food safe, but I’m thinking maybe planters?

DSC_0213I was on my way out of Savers and the little Vera caught my eye. Four beautiful napkins. I’m not sure if these are vintage or newer replicas of vintage, but I love them either way.

DSC_0214As soon as I saw this weird little jacket made out of a towel, I knew that Ruby would adore it. It cost $1.50, and is perfect for after her bath. The colors are amazing. She gave it two thumbs up! (I love Michael Jackson photobombing over her shoulder LOL)

* * *

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10 thoughts on “My Thrifting Week: 3/1/2013

  1. What a haul! Those bread tins are lovely, I wonder if the pattern will transfer to the dough?

    I’m always on the look out for globes, I want to convert one into a lamp, but I never have any luck.

    Love your enamel mugs too x

  2. you always have the most amazing finds! i am always on the lookout for some amazing enamel “camping” mugs – the blue is so lovely. plastic dinos? soooo many uses! i recently pinned a dino diy toothbrush holder. =) and finally, those tins as planters? heck, yes!!! thanks for sharing.

  3. LOVE your finds. Finding globes is always exciting for me. They are hard to find where i’m from so it’s finding gold when i do. I have 2, and hope to grow that collection someday 🙂

  4. You found fun stuff! Guess what, I found a globe this weekend, too, and Vera napkins! We have matching finds! But I must say I adore that Franciscan!!

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