me2 My name is Shaunta Grimes.

That’s me, over there.


I’m a wife, a mom, a student, a teacher, a writer.

I’m a fat lady.

I love vintage things and thrift shopping.

My first book, a young adult novel called Viral Nation will be published in July 2013. You can read some of my short fiction on Wattpad.

I blog about body acceptance here.

I’m half of the Story Carnivores book and movie review blog.

I blog about writing and my book here.

Did I mention that I’m a blogging fool? Truth: I haven’t had just a personal blog where I could write about the things that make me smile in a long time and I missed it. So, here we are. I’m so glad you came by.

Here’s what you’ll find here:

Pictures. Lots of them.

Posts about my thrifting escapades. I have a little Etsy store, just to give me an excuse for my slight (ha) addiction to neat vintage things.

OOTDs and other posts about style for fatties. This is new and a little scary for me. Body acceptance is super important to me. This is my contribution to that world, even though the idea of taking pictures of myself makes me squirmy. This blog is a safe place. You’ll never find fat shame or diet-related posts here.

I love to cook, so recipes will definitely make their way in.

I have a couple of series, which just help keep me organized:

Mondays: Putting it Together, where I take a straight-sized outfit and source it in plus sizes.
Wednesdays: Fit Fatty, where I post about HAES-style fitness.
Fridays: My Thrifting Week, where I post pictures of my thrift store finds.
Sundays: Sunday Love, where I just post cool stuff I found around the nets that week.

2013 is going to be big for me. My book is coming out. I’m doing a lot of traveling. So, I’m bringing you along if you want to come.

I really hope you do.

Clothing information:

I love when I’m looking at OOTDs and I know something about the size and shape of the blogger, and the size of the clothes. So, with that in mind:

I am 5’9″ tall. I wear a size 24/26, in general. I’m an apple shape, with a thicker middle as compared to my hips and legs and shoulders and arms. So, when a pair of jeans fits me around the waist, you might be able to fit two of my asses inside.

Here are some specific sizes by store:

Old Navy: I take a 3X here, and usually a 24 in pants. They run big, as far as I can tell. I love Old Navy jeans. They fit perfectly and are long enough.

Land Bryant: I wore a solid size 24 in Lane Bryant jeans for years and years. They were my go-to jeans. When I saw them in a thrift store, I knew they’d fit. My last baby changed up my body compensation or something, and I can’t wear anything with a set-in waist from them. They’re too tight or falling-down-big. No idea why.

Torrid: I take a size 4. Be aware that Torrid carries juniors sizes. While some clothes work out really well for me from there, pants usually don’t. They’re too short in the rise for someone as tall as me.

Target: I can buy a size 4 from Target without trying it on and feel confident it will fit. Sometimes, a 3 works. As with Torrid, some of Target’s things are junior sizing, so pants can be an iffy proposition for me.

100 Things About Me


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