Changes at Circo Luma

So, I spent a very frustrating evening switching from a free blog to my own domain.

The Rolling Stones pretty much wrap up how I felt at the end of the process.

Please head on over to, update any bookmarks, and if you were a follower hit ‘Follow Me’ on the right hand side again. Thank you so much!


Happy 2013!

me on bike

2012 was an incredible year. So incredible, in fact, that when I started to think yesterday about my resolutions for 2013, I was stumped. I’d had the same resolution for eight years: get published. And in 2012? It happened. I signed with an amazing agent last January. She sold my novel. I don’t think there are words to express how incredible year I just finished.

One thing that fell by the wayside for me during my incredible 2012 is a personal blog. One of my goals for 2013 is to start one up again. Partly, I want a creative outlet. Partly, I want something that doesn’t feel as regimented as the other places where I write online.

So, here we go!