OOTD: Dinner and a Movie

I went to see Jack the Giant Slayer and out for Indian food with a friend on Sunday. It was a little drizzly, but felt like spring, so I was excited to wear something pretty instead of bundling up for a mountain winter.


I was so excited when I saw this yellow-and-cream striped skirt show up in my size on eShakti’s overstock page for $30, shipped. I am in love with it over all, but it’s a little big for me and way, way too long. Like ankle length, instead of calf-length. You can see in this picture that it’s pulled up almost to my armpits under my top. I’m still trying to get a handle on the standard sizes there. I’ve bought 26 and it’s too small, and even a size 28 top that was too tight across the bust. This skirt is a 28 and it almost falls off me. Their customized sizes are the way to go for sure, because I feel like this was probably a return from someone who was several inches taller than me.


The top is just a Kelly green cami from Kohls that cost about $7 on clearance, and the jean jacket came from Savers for $8. I love the little pin on my jacket. I got it for $1 from Salvation Army on President’s Day.


The little black flats were on sale for $5 at Payless this week.

I loved this outfit, even though looking at the pictures, I’m a little shocked at how clearly visible the top of the skirt was under the cami. It wasn’t obvious when I looked at myself in the mirror. I’ll need a looser top, I guess. Also, I think maybe I can alter the skirt a little to fit me better. Take it up two stripes, maybe, and in at the waist a little.

DSC_0279* * *

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OOTD: Foriegn Film

I had a fun movie date with my friend Brian. We saw the French film, Bone and Rust. It was really, really good. I had to abandon our usual front-of-the-theater seats though and move way up to the nose bleeds. Shaky cam makes me pukey if I’m too close. (And even then, sometimes.)

Here’s what I wore:


Red top: FatshionXchange, Old Navy, 4X
Tank: Target, 4
Skirt: Thrifted Old Navy tube dress pulled down into a skirt, XXL
Leggings: Thrifted Old Navy, XXL
Shoes (not shown), black ballet flats from Payless, 12

I’ve had the skirt forever. I just got the top in the mail. It took so long to come, I almost forgot I’d bought it! But, the color matches the skirt perfectly. Maybe because they’re both Old Navy? The dress fits me as a tube dress, but is so short when it’s pull up over my boobs that it barely covers my butt.

This outfit is a great opportunity to point out that you should always go by fit, not the size printed on the tag. The skirt and leggings are both in a size that is usually too small, but fit perfectly (except for the too-short dress thing.) I always look at the size down and the size up, if I have time when I’m out shopping. You never know!

OOTD: First Day of School

Today was the first day of the spring semester for me. I’ve been going to school consistently for all by the first five years of my life, and I still love the first day back after a long break! I think I might be a little sad on the first day of the fall semester, since it will be my last.

Either that, or I’ll apply to grad school. #hahaha #noreally

Here’s what I wore:


Jeans: Thrifted, size 26, $8
T-shirt: Thrifted, size 3X, $5
Jersey blazer: Target on clearance, size 4, $11
Shoes: Payless, $11
Bag: Vera Wang, on clearance at Kohls, $25
Total for the whole outfit, including shoes and bag: $60

I dress for comfort at school. It’s a big campus and I spend a lot of time walking good distances between classes. Also, it’s pretty cold here in January, but warm in the classrooms, so layers are important.

I found the top last summer in a thrift store in Las Vegas. I love the little metal discs, because I like pretty things, but I don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry. The blazer is soft and warm enough for between classes, but easy to take off during class without worrying about it wrinkling or anything. I like the bright shirt with the black/gray stripes.

I love my bag. I won’t be able to use it for most of the semester, because the strap is too narrow to comfortably carry a heavy load of books. But for the beginning, when there aren’t a ton of books to lug around, it’s my favorite.


OOTD: Target Style

Kevin and I took the kids out tonight to use some gift cards they got for Christmas. It’s still super cold around here, but I was toasty warm in a sweater dress I picked up at Savers this week. I just wore it pulled up hip-length. It’s made of silk and cashmere and is so soft and so warm!

Here’s what I wore:


Sweater Dress (pulled up): Thrifted, Spiegel, 2X, $7.50
Jeans: Walmart, 26, $15
Shoes: Payless, 12, $12
Necklace: Thrifted, Vintage, $3
Total for outfit, including shoes and jewelry: $27.50

I was so excited when I found my necklace. It’s a vintage locket. And it only cost $3! Here’s a closer look:


OOTD: Instagram Date Night Edition

Kevin and I went out last night to dinner and a movie. It was very nice, but also coooold. In Reno, a few warm days followed by a sudden cold snap = ICE. So, I wore my big clunky boots instead of the cute flats I had picked out.

Here’s what I wore:

011113-1cardigan: thrifted, 2X, $6
tank: thrifted Lane Bryant, 22/24, $5
skirt, thrifted Lane Bryant, 28, $3
tights: We Love Color, 4x, $3
boots: thrifted Uggs, men’s 10, $10
necklace: thrifted vintage, $2
Total, including shoes and necklace, $29

The picture isn’t great quality, but it cracks me up! Jack the Giant clearly likes my winter brights. And for some reason it looks like I’m glowing.

The tights are the bright tights I bought after making my last Putting it Together post. I have to say, it was hard for me to spend $9 plus shipping on them. In retrospect, though, I should have bit the bullet and bought the $14 tights instead. These fit me weird. they were too loose at the ankle and foot and strangely non-stretchy around the upper thigh. The We Love Color website did warn me that the pricier tights would fit better. If I’d worn flats, the bagginess at the ankle would have been very obvious.

The skirt I’m wearing is the one I got thrifting this week. It’s a size too big. The fabric is really stretchy though, so it wasn’t so bad. I just didn’t stretch it out much. As a result though, it was a little too long on me. I wish it was two or three inches shorter. It was half off at Savers though, so it only cost $3. I can make it work. Lane Bryant is weird for me for bottoms, since I had Ruby. I used to wear a LB size 24 and it fit perfectly. Now a size 26 is too lose everywhere but the waist, which is too tight, and size 28 normally is way too big.


OOTD: Venturing Out in Pink and Khaki

Felt human today for the first time in a week.

Yay, antibiotics!

So, went to Joann’s and Savers with my daughter, Adrienne. (Giant upper-arm bruises from traumatic IV attempt in the hospital are trendy? Right?)

Anyway, I was so happy to feel mostly-good and be out of bed, that I felt like I could fly. Here’s what I wore:


Pink crocheted shell: thrifted, vintage, 3X, $5
Cream lace-trimmed cami: thrifted, Target, 4, $6
Khaki tiered skirt: thrifted, Torrid, 4, $4
Leggings: Fashion Bug, thrifted, size 3X, $6
Shoes: Payless, thrifted, size 12W, $8
Total for entire outfit, including shoes: $29

I really need to figure out the picture thing. Usually I just hand my daughter or my husband my camera and say…take my picture! But, there is way too much going on in the background. Working on this.

OOTD: Doctor’s Appointment

Did I mention that I woke up Friday with a swollen face and intense pain? By Friday night my face was alarmingly distended and I could barely move, it hurt so badly. A visit to the ER and a CT Scan later, turns out I have some kind of undetermined infection.

In. My. Face.

I spent the weekend on antibiotics and pain killers, and I’m feeling somewhat better. Still swollen. Still needing the good stuff for the pain. I followed up with my regular doctor today, which was the first time in three days that I’d been out of my pajamas.

I figured since I had to get dressed, I might as well put on something pretty and snap a picture or two.

This is me with a swollen face, all doped up. Here’s what I wore:


Dress: Avenue, thrifted, size 26/28, $7
Cardigan: Torrid, on clearance and 1/2 off, size 4, $12
Leggings: Fashion Bug, thrifted, size 3X, $6
Shoes: Payless, thrifted, size 12W, $8
Hair pin: Dollar General, $3 for a pack of four
Purse: Kohl’s on clearance, $10
Swollen face: miserably priceless
Total for entire outfit, with shoes and purse: $44

I was inspired by the virtual outfit I put together last night. I found this Avenue dress at Savers in Las Vegas just before Christmas. It’s really soft, comfortable cotton with a pretty floral pattern on a white background. I don’t think it quite does the neutral/brights thing that my other outfit did because the white/black are too stark of a contrast to be really neutral. They come across as more brights. But that’s okay. Still love this.  I didn’t get a decent picture with my new coat. But, I thought the mixed print was really cute. This outfit felt very spring-y and pretty and was great for a day when I wasn’t feeling 100 percent. It cheered me up.


Aren’t the colors and patterns so perfect? The houndstooth went with it perfectly. The cardigan went right with it. I got this cardigan two years ago during a half-off clearance-prices sale at Torrid online. I wear it all the time. I’d like to try this outfit with a denim jacket, like yesterday’s inspiration, when I find one. I think the denim would be less matchy, and a little more edgy. Now I’m on a mission!


Sorry for the black and white. I didn’t get a picture of these earlier in the day, and had a hard time getting detail to pop out in a twilight picture. These are just simple black ballet flats. There’s some pleating across the toe. And a bow. They are sweet and pretty. When I wear them with leggings, I feel like Audrey Hepburn. Loverly.

The only accessories I bothered with were my purse, which is just my standard, go-to purse. I love the bright yellow. And that it’s small enough to slip into my school bag. And a hair pin, which I only put in because my hair was doing some weird thing in front and needed it. I ordered those fuchsia tights yesterday, and I will find a denim jacket. When I do, I’d like to try this with brown shoes and a brown bag.  The more neutral denim and brown I think will kill it with the bright colors on the dress.