My Thrifting Week: 3/1/2013

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I had a great time at the thrift stores this week. Here’s what I found:

DSC_0182I’ve had my eye out for some cups or mugs to use for the project I Sunday Loved a few weeks back. We can get some pretty strong winds up here in the mountains, and I plan to hang my cups from my balcony railing, where they could get knocked around in the gusts, so I didn’t want glass. I saw these pretty blue, speckled tin mugs and snapped them right up. Perfect!

DSC_0181These little cuties might be my favorite find of the week. I’m starting to get a little collection of mid-century salt and pepper shakers going, without really trying. Seriously, who could pass these up?

DSC_0183DSC_0180Three notebooks. I love the travel one the most. And the little one on the right had a few pages of someone’s very detailed plans for a wedding blog. Usually the thrift store rips out used pages in old notebooks. That makes me kind of sad, so finding them in tact is always like a special bonus treat.

DSC_0178I might have to get my science-fiction on over spring break.

DSC_0174I am in love with these Temperware plates. I found four dinner plates and four salad plates. The patter is called Fire Flower, and it’s much more orange than shows up in the pictures.

DSC_0177A set of pretty little ramekins. I love the brown flower pattern.

DSC_0172I’ve had my eye out for a dino to use to make the bookend I Sunday Loved a while back. I love him especially because he reminds me of the mascot for the book blog I write with my friend Brian.

DSC_0189This kind of garden 3-D needle work is so 70s and reminds me so much of my mom, who used to do it herself. She hated French knots! I found this lovely piece at Salvation Army for $3. So much work went into it, it makes me happy to give it a good home.

DSC_0190I hemmed and hawed and hemmed some more over this Franciscan platter and covered dish in the Winsome pattern. I love Franciscan ware, but I wasn’t sure about this pattern. I went ahead, figuring I could sell if I got it home and didn’t like it. It’s a little more refined and lady-like than my normal style, but the lines are great.

DSC_0191Last week I found a tiny little butterfly needlepoint kit, and this week I found an orange poppy flower in the same line. Yay!DSC_0210I found some great albums this week. Best part, they were at the Goodwill bins, so they only cost $1 each. I found two Beatles albums, Abbey Road and 1967-1970, two George Carlin albums for Kevin, The West Side Story soundtrack, The Rolling Stones, A 1984 compilation album, The Graduate soundtrack, and the soundtrack to More American Graffiti.

DSC_0211This might be my favorite find this week. I am constantly on the look out for a non-toy globe, and I’ve never seen one that wasn’t super expensive. This one cost $4! And it’s gorgeous.

DSC_0212I’ve never seen Oventex pans before, but I found these three small bread pans this week. They’re so beautiful. Who knew a bread pan could be so lovely? I don’t think I can get them clean enough to be food safe, but I’m thinking maybe planters?

DSC_0213I was on my way out of Savers and the little Vera caught my eye. Four beautiful napkins. I’m not sure if these are vintage or newer replicas of vintage, but I love them either way.

DSC_0214As soon as I saw this weird little jacket made out of a towel, I knew that Ruby would adore it. It cost $1.50, and is perfect for after her bath. The colors are amazing. She gave it two thumbs up! (I love Michael Jackson photobombing over her shoulder LOL)

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My Thrifting Week: 2/22/13

PicMonkey Collage

Lots of Presidents Day sales this week. So, lots of good chances to pick things up super cheap, but also tons and tons of people in the stores. Crowds aren’t my thing, but I did manage to find some pretty awesome stuff.


I’m having so much fun checking out the records at the thrift stores. This week, I found Kansas, Eddie and the Cruisers Soundtrack, Endless Love Soundtrack, Little River Band, Ray Charles, The Jackson Five, Lipps Inc., Stevie Wonder, 9 to 5 Soundtrack, Sly and the Family Stone, Steve Perry, Asleep At The Wheel.


I was so excited to find this Catherineholm Lotus casserole dish. So pretty!


Cute straw suitcase with orange and yellow embroidery. Also, Angel popping in to say hello.


Pretty, minty green wool blanket. I think I’m going to make pillows out of it.


My favorite find this week! How pretty is this daisy afghan?


Now I have two paint-by-number paintings. That’s a collection, right? Right.


Adorable raccoon pillow kit.


This is a slow cooker cookbook that someone self-published. It’s adorable. The recipes are all hand written and illustrated. Some of them have notes to the readers, obviously family and friends. Like, one for slowcooker meatloaf that has a note that it’s better in the oven, but the author wanted to get her mom’s recipe in the book.

DSC_01331950s Christmas book. Crazy cute.

DSC_0152I was so excited to find this cute cake saver, because I have plans for a cake-making project and I really wanted one! This one is mustard yellow and has a cute little atomic design on it. And it cost $1!

DSC_0153I fell in love with all three of these pretty brooches, but the seagull really captured me, and they were only 50 cents each.

DSC_0154My favorite local indie bookstore has a vinyl day once a month. It’s the only day you can shop their records, and they all cost $1.99. I picked up two U2 albums, The Police, Sting, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones, and Tears for Fears.

DSC_0155Pretty blue, open-weave short-sleeved sweater.

DSC_0156Equally pretty long-sleeved, light-weight button up.

DSC_0158Adorable 1960s fondue plates. Love.

DSC_0150Two cute little smock aprons, perfect for my Ruby (right, with her roller-derby-girl dragon tattoo) and her bestie to wear when they’re in art mode.

DSC_0151This was a little kit. The whole thing is only about 2 inches square and it took me less than an hour to make it.

DSC_0171I fell in love with this cork board/ chalk board combo. My kids ask me what’s for dinner at least a dozen times a day. Even after I’ve already told them! Now I can just write it down and they can check for themselves! Sanity saver for $1.50? Yes, please.

* * *

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My Thrifting Week: 2/15/2013

PicMonkey Collage

I had a really great week at the thrift stores. That’s what happens when you’re there almost everyday looking for furniture for a new house that’s twice the size of the old (teensy) apartment.

DSC_0130I found these matching, mid-century lamps at the Bins for $3 total. I love the peach color, and their painted on the inside, which is kind of cool.

DSC_0131I knew that the minute I bought a stereo with a record player, I’d find the suitcase record player I’ve been searching for. And I did. This one is pretty blue, an old high school record player that works like a charm and cost $8!

DSC_0132A few books.

DSC_0133Despite the fact that I found a suitcase record player this week, this set of Heller plastic wear is my favorite find. I actually squeaked with joy when I saw it. I love the juicy citrus colors, and the clean design. I cannot wait to use these on our new patio!

DSC_0134Vintage word game. I love games that can be played by two people.

DSC_0135This Mango Slice mirror from Anthropologie has been on my radar for ever. I was so excited to find this slice-of-wood mirror at Savers for $2.99. It’s not the same, but it’s got the same vibe and I love it.

DSC_0136We found Ruby a bunk bed on Craigs List, and then I found two of these sweet chenille bedspreads to go on it. I’ve been looking, because ever since we saw A Christmas Story at the theater in December, she’s been asking for a blanket like Ralphie’s, which was just plain white chenille. I have no idea why that stuck in her head, but she’s asked me for one about a hundred times since then.  It’s always a balance with my little tomboy, and these worked for her because they aren’t too girlie. They’re go over Spiderman and Dinosaur sheets.

DSC_0137Just a cute little tablecloth with a cross-stitched bunny. It’s going under my new record player.

DSC_0138Foreigner, Jefferson Starship, and The J. Giles Band.


DSC_0140I picked up this adorable vintage storage bag and it was filled with fabric. It only cost $2, so I got it. Then I got home and looked in it, and right on top with a completed 1960s dress. For $2!

DSC_0141Pretty Franciscan platter.


DSC_0143Mid-century hamper for my bedroom. I love when I go into a thrift store looking for something specific, and find it. It doesn’t happen often, but it did this week! I particularly love the glittery handles!

DSC_0144Confession time: I buy most of my kitchen staples (flour, sugar, rice, etc.) in bulk. I don’t own canisters! I know, I know . . . but my last kitchen was so small, there was no space for them. And . . . and . . . I have no excuse. I keep everything in the plastic bags I buy it in. I love these Pyrex canisters. They have a great wide mouths and are super cute. Here’s the first in my future collection.

DSC_0145Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and happy Disney songs.

DSC_0146If I didn’t find so many other great things this week, these books-on-records would have been my favorite find. They’re from the 60s and the illustrations are incredible. Ruby’s going to have a ball with these.

* * *
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My Thrifting Week: 2/8/2013 (Quick and Dirty Moving Edition)

PicMonkey Collage

We’re moving on Monday! I can’t wait to show you guys our new house. Meanwhile, things are a mess around here, so my pictures are kind of wonky. Here’s what I found out thrifting this week:


Adorable little 1960s kid’s shell identification toy. Came with a few shells and some shell identification cards. Ruby and her friends already love this.


Love this little piece of needlework. It’s signed on the back with the year 1972.

DSC_0131Sweet blank sketch book. The pattern is called “A Walk in Paris.”

DSC_0132A little collection of cookbooks: Fondue From Around the World, The Complete Mexican Cookbook, In Defense of British Food, and The Make-a-Mix Cookbook.

DSC_0133DSC_0134I found this book way in the back of a bookshelf in a tiny thrift store I almost never go to. It’s the Lady’s Home Journal Book of Interior Decoration from 1954. The cover is kind of icky, but it’s FULL of amazing oversized mid-century rooms. Love.

DSC_0139Two adorable little woodland-creature paintings. They were five dollars for both of them.

DSC_0140Cute little mid-century modern white planter. I think I’m going to put my pens and pencils in it on my desk.

DSC_0141I picked this up every time I was in Savers for weeks, and then finally bought it when it was half off this week. It’s a spice jar/recipe box combo. I love that it even has the little stickers still.

DSC_0142It took me a month, but I finally found my jean jacket!

DSC_0143Abba! For 99 cents!

DSC_0145I loved these yellow bottles. They’re so sunny. And they were only a dollar each.

DSC_0146Mustard and butter yellow afghan.

DSC_0147Pretty china serving platter, serving bowl, and gravy boat. I’ve been using my hutch as a pantry for a year, and I can’t wait to have an actual pantry so I can display my pretties!

DSC_0148I love this little spidery magazine rack. It’s the perfect size to fit a few records next to my record player.

DSC_0149This is my favorite find this week. A pretty bamboo bird cage. I can’t wait to find out where it winds up in my new house!

My Thrifting Week: 2/1/2013

DSC_0065Cutest. Lamp. Ever.

DSC_0066Penguin is my publisher. How could I pass this little tote bag up? It was only $1!

DSC_0067I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s a Fire King casserole in a little holder. A candle goes in that little cup at the bottom to keep the food warm. Love it!

DSC_0068Two great pieces of Pyrex. The red one is a medium-sized bowl and the blue one is a small casserole.

DSC_0069DSC_0070I found this book tucked away on a shelf. I love that the inscription was written in 1903.  The book was published in 1902. In the back are several ads for other books by the publisher. They cost $1.50 each–in 1902 dollars!

DSC_0071Secret awesomeness of that book, though? These 1960s photographs that were tucked in the pages. The color one is a marching drum line dressed like Native Americans and the black and white one is an Asian mother and daughter sitting on a covered wagon (minus the cover.)

DSC_0073Two cute little hair pins. DSC_0064This is one of my favorite finds this week. A semi-creepy, paint-by-number ballerina. I can’t wait to hang her in my new house!

DSC_0118Two adorable little Franciscan planters.

DSC_0119Love this belt–and it actually fits me. I never find belts in my size!

DSC_0121Terrible picture of an adorable locket. It has a picture of a little girl with a pixie haircut contemplating a flower.

DSC_0122Book full of instructions for little crochet monsters.

DSC_0123DSC_0124This little wooden box full of pastels charmed me. And it only cost $2!

DSC_0125Kevin found this wooden magazine rack. I love how big and sturdy it is.

DSC_0126Another little planter. Daisies!

DSC_0128My number one favorite find–maybe of the whole year (and it’s only February!) I’ve been searching and searching for a thrifted record player for years. I really want a suitcase record player, but I never see them, and when I look on line they’re so expensive. This small stereo (it has a double tape deck, a radio, and a three-disc changer, plus the record player on top) was only $20, including the speakers that aren’t shown in the picture. YAY!

DSC_0127So, then I spent several hours searching through dusty stacks of albums. So much fun. My favorite find was the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar. I also found several books-on-record for Ruby. And this basket that holds them all perfectly.

My Thrifting Week: 1/25/2013

School started this week, so my days have suddenly become much busier.

I still managed to make it out thrifting with a friend to take advantage of sales for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. Thrifting for peace, right? Why not. Thifting keeps things out of the landfill and gives them a new life, and usually contributes to good causes.

Here’s what I found this week:

PicMonkey Collage

DSC_0063I love this little crystal pendent. It only cost a dollar!

DSC_0062Pretty little vintage pendant. It reminded me of my Nana.



DSC_0060Just a light, almost-sheer white top.

DSC_0059My favorite find this week! A killer pair of almost-new quad skates in the next size up for Ruby. Which is perfect, because her current skates still fit. They cost $40, though, and these? These cost $4!

DSC_0058Two books that I couldn’t resist, even though my TBR pile is alarmingly big. Tattoo Girl is a thriller about a girl adopted by a circus fat lady. I’ll be very interested to see how that is handled. Report to come. I love Philip K. Dick!

DSC_0057Cool coloring book full of intricate kitty pictures. It’s about 1/4 of the way used already, but since it only cost a dollar, that’s okay.

DSC_0056A pretty butterfly notebook. Because I don’t have enough notebooks. Just ask my husband.

DSC_0055Adorable 1950s sewing book.

DSC_0054Two sets of vintage pillow cases, new in the package!

DSC_0053Super soft, pretty blue sweater.

DSC_0052A whole pile of vintage sewing notions, mostly buttons! The case actually came filled with the beads below, but there were so many that they spilled all over every time Ruby opened it. So, my new button suitcase. Sweet.

DSC_0050Some scraps of pretty paper. Because I can’t help myself.

DSC_0049I love this! I actually have a “squeeze from the bottom” toothpaste picture that is in a very similar style. Adore.

DSC_0048I couldn’t resist these napkins. They say, “She hadn’t decided whether to use her power for good or evil.”

DSC_0047And those beads. I mean, seriously, all the beads. So far Ruby’s favorite thing to do with them is to just dig her hands in and smoosh them around because it feels good.


My Thrifting Week: 1/18/2013

DSC_1109Okay, so, Christmas is eleven and a half months away. But it will come around again, and when it does, I’ll have this gorgeous crewel work to hang on my wall!

DSC_1115DSC_1114This is a little album full of someone’s panoramic pictures of a trip to Alaska.

DSC_1116I got so excited when I found a whole year’s worth of Scientific American: 1964. They’re beautiful and full of amazing pictures and old ads and all kinds of ephemera goodness.

DSC_1117And then I found a whole stack of Ideals magazines from 1970. Score!


This is a great little book of children’s poetry from the 1940s. The poems themselves have line drawings and are adorable. Then the inscriptions just make it perfect. First, it’s inscribed to Richard on his fourth birthday, 1946, from his mother and dad. Then to Janet “because she reads so nicely”, in 1954. And finally to Melissa, with the same inscription about what a good reader she is, in 1981. Grandfather, mother, daughter? Perhaps.

DSC_1121Craft Jamboree? Who could resist that? This is a 1977 book meant to make you a jack of all trades, with a few pages about every imaginable craft.DSC_1122

I thought this might be the spiral bound book that was destined to become my book sewing box I talked about in my Sunday Love post. The cards inside are classic Martha. Super cute.

DSC_1123Here’s my favorite find of the week! A whole collection of about 50 postcards from the 1960s through the 1980s. They’re amazing, from all over the world, with great pictures. They were in a plastic bag, so I couldn’t really see what I was getting. But I gave it a shot, since they only cost $1.99. I couldn’t have been more excited once I was able to go through them. Several with James Dean on them, several with 1960s romance book covers, a whole collection with a death theme. Amazing, seriously.

DSC_1125Great big bag of vintage sewing notions–mostly lace and ribbon. Pretty!

DSC_1112Long black skirt. It’s not the jersey skirt I was hoping for, but I still like it. And it was half-off, so it only cost $2!

DSC_1113Beautiful purple sweater dress. It’s made of silk and cashmere and is so, so soft.


Big silk scarf. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it’s cream with a gray rose pattern.

DSC_0039This is the second little unicorn box I’ve found in two weeks. Maybe the start of a mini collection? So sweet and so 80s. I love it.

DSC_0046I was so excited when I found this little stationary set–because my mom had the exact same one when I was a kid! And it only cost me a dollar.

DSC_0044Just a cute little set of cards with pencil-drawn animals on them.

DSC_0043I love vintage blank books. The cream one is a household budget book with pages for tracking things like how much you spend on meat. It’s so interesting to me to see what was important to someone 50 years ago. The blue one is just a blank ledger.

DSC_0042I was on my way out of Goodwill when I saw a bag full of pretty papers in a case. Turned out to be a whole collection of 1960s and 70s wine labels from around the world. For $4? Awesome.


DSC_0041A faux alligator bag with a fat little metal alligator hanging out on it? Have you ever seen anything cuter than this?